[Illustration of the author above ^ by G. Alden Davis aka the Grub Dabbler]






Begun in November & Continued in November, 2015, DUMZINE
presents an exclusive 13-part serialization of the epic poem

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Grub Lost

Now my friend is dead
and it hurts my head
having to figure out now
what to do instead of us

playing all the time and
crawling into caves at
midnight after hiking up
the canyon in the dark

listening to Station 3
mixing up another deck
sledding down the mountain
on a late winter's night

singing songs together
of our legend in the fight
against all the hordes
of evil with our fellows

right behind us at our backs
when we were one big tribe
forged of the moments with
each other built in time

this Castle Ground Zero
exists in the cloud erected
as turrets of vapor fall
and rise within the crowd

now I look into and see
my friend withdrawn from me
his hand reaching out to claw
at me dissolving in futility

Its okay these visions come
and go along with the wind
that blows inside this hollow
head remembering my friend

Greg, I wrote this poem for you
because we all know there was
nobody else in the world even
remotely like you in any way

conceivable for us to compare
with you were always there for
us in your dusty boots and armor
shining in the Sun way before

the black shadow of death
conspired of a sudden to keep
all our inspiration one desire  
to be swallowed by the dream

as a photo synthetic shadow
of light thrown out in a rosary
configuration of magnetic star
shine conducts our ongoing life

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Throughout the morning 
and during the whole night
Not a creature was stirring 
not even a billowing kite 
Sentient to certain vibrations
the higher up it climbed
Nor a wooden rocking horse 
leaping over a crescent moon 
Viewed through wind chimes
could ever escape the view
Again in a merry go round 
through the carved horse's
Inlaid eye one facet gleaming
at a time preparing to begin
The same ride as before
all over again once more

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rhimes For
Savage Times


you folded
up my life
licked the
edge and
tore it up.


still a friend
first and fore
most and will
end a friend
least and last.


you didn't ask
to go on a picnic
and I never tried
to pack a bag
so you just
came along
 for the ride

Now this
is our song.